Territorial place of the Power Stations of the Public Electricity Supply System and of the Power Lines and Substations and Switching Stations of REN.

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Some relevant steps of the National Transmission Grid development:

  • 1951 - Start-up of RNT (National Transmission Grid), with the commissioning of the first main machines of Castelo do Bode and Vila Nova hydropower plants, and of the 150 kV power lines Zêzere-Sacavém, Vila Nova-Ermesinde and Ermesinde-Zêzere.
  • 1958 - Commissioning of the first 220 kV power line Picote-Pereiros, between the hydropower plant of Picote and the Pereiros 220/150 kV substation.
  • 1961 - Commissioning of the first interconnection with the Spanish grid of Iberduero, a branch from 220 kV power line Picote-Vermoim 1 to the hydropower plant of Saucelle. 
  • 1979 - Commissioning of the 400 kV grid, with the power lines Setúbal TPP-Palmela, Palmela-Rio Maior and the interconnection with the Spanish grid of Hidroelectrica Española, the power line Rio Maior-Cedillo.
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